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The Ultimate Rolex Watch List for Luxury Wristwatch Collectors

rolex1Everyone has a favorite Rolex, and not everyone’s “Top 5” Rolex list will look exactly the same.  However, there are some watches that appear on everyone’s list again and again, making them perennial favorites on the Rolex Wish List.  For those who are still in the research phase of appraising a Rolex, try visiting  Here you can get a good idea of what your favorite luxury watch is worth.

Here are five examples of favorite Rolex watches that have proven their popularity.

  • The Explorer II 216570.  The newest Explorer II honors its design roots while still incorporating new features.  The larger case increases in size from 40mm to 42mm, and the larger hands are filled with Chromolite luminous material.  With a solid Oyster bracelet and clasp, this beautiful, traditional watch is destined to become a classic favorite.
  • The GMT 116710.  This watch is an improved version of the 16710 and includes a Paracrom hairspring and maxi hands for ultimate visibility.  The solid link bracelet and new thicker case make this watch a standout, and the ceramic bezel adds a note of sophistication.
  • GMT Fat Lady 16760.  The GMT 16760 was the first Rolex stainless sport watch to include both a sapphire crystal and a red-black bezel.   The watch, which was introduced in 1983, also features a larger case, making it similar in size to the Submariner and leading to the nickname “fat lady.”  With traditional features such a pierced lugs but updates that make it more stylish and sophisticated, this watch is a great choice for most men.
  • Deep Sea SeaDweller.  The DSSD is a 24-hour hand Rolex that is designated as non-GMT.  Its three hands make this one of the most functional of all Rolex watches, and the piece can withstand extreme water pressure as well as providing comfortable wear while diving or fishing.  The DSSD is an iconic watch that offers incredible performance.
  • Milgauss.  The Milgauss has a history with CERN laboratories in which it was designed to withstand magnetic fields and impulses that could damage other watch brands.  This ultra-modern design features a double case back, green crystal and lightning bolt second hand.  The Milgauss is a choice for those who want a completely different and more modern look to their Rolex.

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