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Looking to get a valuation on your luxury watch?

luxury-watchIf you’re selling something, regardless of what it is, it’s important to have a rough idea of its value so you can be sure you’re being offered a fair price. If you enter the market in ignorance you may leave hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on the table just because you didn’t do the homework to determine the value of the item. This is especially true when it comes to selling high-end luxury watches. There are many fakes on the market and many different factors come into play when determining the value of a watch. Having your watch valued by an expert watch buyer is a good idea, but you should still have a rough idea of the market.


The name that graces the front of the watch has a lot to do with its valuation. Names that resonate with luxury watch buyers, such as Rolex, hold their value well because the manufacturer has a reputation for prestige and extremely high standards of workmanship. Other names at the top end of watch manufacturing include Breitling, Omega, Patek Philippe and Cartier. These will command higher prices than those at the lower end of the luxury watch market such as Oris or Fortis.

Market Demand

Certain watches are in fashion at any give time and as in most things fashion helps to dictate prices. For instance, Omega watches get a boost every time a James Bond film is released.

Precious Metals

While quality of manufacture is important, along with the reputation of the brand name, another dictator of value is the materials contained in the watch. Those with a high quantity of gold or precious jewels have a value that’s greater than those with fewer precious metals.


Collectors love rarity, and as time passes the rarer a vintage or antique watch becomes. But rarity isn’t exclusive to age. Limited editions or commemorative editions are often not made in huge quantities, so those can hold a higher value as time passes than something of a similar standard that’s more readily available to buyers.


Originality also plays a part in determining the value of a watch. Distinctive brands should be as close to original quality as possible in order to get the best price. Replacement parts of any kind tend to reduce the value, although replacement straps don’t have the same impact as replacement internal workings.

How to Get Your Watch Valued

Because there are so many things that influence the market for watch buying and selling at any one time, it’s difficult for anyone outside the industry to be fully aware of all the current trends or market demands. A watch buyer valuation service makes it their business to know what’s happening at any given moment and can offer expert advice on all aspects of buying or selling watches.


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