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Significance of Target Weekly Ad

Target advertising is a kind of advertising where ads are created based on the various parameters like purchase history, demographics etc. Behavioral targeting is a type of target advertising where various forms of technologies are used to increase sales. Online medias are mainly used for this type of marketing. Target coupons are used by online publishers to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. In this type of campaigns, visitor activities in a website or its landing page is recorded and  is used for various campaigns. When it is done without the knowledge of users, it is against the data protection and consumer protection laws.

When a particular customer visits a website, the data like the pages they visit, the time they spent in a particular website, the links they click on, the products they are interested in or their searches for various products etc. By using these data, publisher will create target weekly ad for their customers based on their interest, which helps them to increase their sales as the advertisement is based on the interest of a particular customer. Due to the huge potential for increasing the business, target ads are costly as compared to other common ads. In this type of ads, advertisements will be based on the context of a particular website.

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