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How To Choose Great Shoes From Brands Like Adidas, Ugg And More

After purchasing a pair of expensive shoes you want them to last as long as possible and look and feel good simultaneously. To extend the life of these hard earned prizes you must carefully look after them. Due to the delicate materials that most shoes are made of and the harsh weather we are all used to (!), it is very important to put time aside to polish, clean and generally love your shoes!

Leather, suede or even trainer materials for well known brands like Adidas can all be quite high maintenance. Here are some tips for dealing with such shoes.

Suede shoes or boots such as the Ugg boot which is now very popular can be ruined if not properly looked after. This lovely material needs constant attention. Here is an unconventional tip that you may not expect when cleaning it- instead of using a wire suede brush which takes off the top layer of the leather try using masking tape. This household item is inexpensive and not at all messy. Definitely a good alternative to pricey liquid solutions.

For leather shoes that are looking a bit scuffed, scratch polish sold for use on polished wooden furniture. It is a handy trick that will leave them shiny new.

Sandpaper and petroleum jelly can reinvent nubuck and patent leather respectively. While castor oil will keep any leather soft and comfortable and waterproof it at the same time.

For keeping new flashy trainers as white as possible, believe it or not, using ajax cleaner works really well. If they are white leather sneakers you can clean them and then use white shoe polish to give that great sheen. This can be repeated to get the longest life out of your beloved trainers.

Whatever the material you are using if the shoes are too tight it is extremely frustrating as now you can’t show off your new pride and joys! Take potato peelings and stuff the shoes. Within 48hrs they will have stretched nicely. Allowing you to enjoying shoes of any material without buying expensive products, not even starch!

For more shoe tips is a great place to find books full of hints and secrets!

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