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What Makes a Suitable Message for a Personalised Christening Gift?

Giving a personalised gift can be fun due to the amount of joy or embarrassment that can be caused because of the inscription. This is fine when the gift is for someone you have known for some time but what do you do when it is for a personalised christening gift? The child will very likely still be a baby so it will be best to put something nice and complimentary.

When the gift is to a bridesmaid or best men, or for an anniversary there is clearly plenty of options as to what to write but what do you say to a child who has not done anything or made any plans? The relationship to the parents will give you an idea of how friendly you can be or whether it will be best to stick to something traditional.

For a christening there is a great choice of gifts but that does not make deciding on the inscription any easier. Don’t try to be clever and of course, make sure that all the words are spelt correctly or it could mean a very strange message being sent.

To be honest you can’t really go wrong with “Good luck XXX” or “Every happiness” but often there is the wish to be a little more detailed and put a bit more feeling into it.  You could always look at christening cards for inspiration as they will have a wide range of messages from very religious – and this is to be expected for a religious ceremony – to those more generic in nature.

It’s also a good idea to look on a website that specialises in providing gifts with personalised messages as they will have had plenty of experience of printing the feelings of previous customers. There is no point rushing in to deciding what to put as this is going to be something that that child should have with them for the rest of their life and they won’t want a personalised Christening gift that they will never use.

Don’t make the message personal to yourself or even to the parents for that matter. The interests you as adults have may not be the ones the child has so the name of the football team you all support or the line from a film you enjoyed really won’t be appropriate. “May the Force be with you” really won’t mean much to a small child who is looking at the gifts they received for their christening.

Before deciding on the message however there is the small task of choosing the gift. Again this can be a minefield as there is no way to know what they will like when they grow up. A personalised Christening gift is a great way to give them something to keep and let them know you have gone out of your way to look for something nice. It’s even better knowing that the online stores should be able to provide you with all ideas you need and will also have the gift delivered to the door.


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