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Storing Designer Perfumes

images (57)Many of us have such a wide selection of perfumes that a few of them lie neglected in an area of the mirror cabinet or sit gathering dust on our dressing table. And, when we remember them after a couple of weeks or months, we either find an empty bottle, a well diluted perfume or a stained solution. Perfume, no matter how expensive or labeled it is, goes bad if not saved effectively. Given are a few simple guidelines to keep perfume clean for years.

Store in a dark place

Perfume elements such as alcohol and essential oils breakdown quickly if revealed to too much light. This causes a change in overall look and fragrance. Sunshine is the most severe root cause. It is attractive to show-off an elegant and suave bottle, but it will cause your perfume to get spoiled. The first concept is to keep fragrances in a dark position, away from immediate light. Keep the bottle in a cabinet or a cupboard that prevents the outside light. Fragrances kept in dark and solid containers do not mess up quickly. You should keep it in its special box as included security.

Keep away from sources of heat

Heat is another thing that degrades the quality of fragrances. Many store perfume containers in a bath room cabinet to make it easy to use. However, the changes in climate and moisture eliminate the molecular integrity of fragrances providing it a distressing fragrance. Therefore, do not store a perfume package in areas that experience excessive and continuous variations in climate. It should be saved at room temperature. A dress cabinet is considered as one of the best locations. Also, avoid saving it in a fridge as cool temperature ranges are not positive for its structure.

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