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Scott Disick Has The Best Keeks

Tired and fed up of your social networking status that has not taken off towards being remotely close to adventurous or fun in recent times? Then we have the right medicine for you. Introducing the new social networking site to reckon with, Keek. It gives you an entirely innovative and fresh perspective to networking. Its updates are in the form of videos that you will shoot and upload that will be shared with anyone you want or with the entire world. You don’t have to worry about buffering the videos as this short 36 seconds long videos need not be buffered and provide you friends with the real time activity that you are up to taking the level of fun in the socializing much higher than any other site can provide.

Keek is absolutely free of cost and is the new hip thing to do with clusters section of it providing you with latest updates on news and the top hundred topics that are trending on the site. You can also choose friends from the top hundred keekers as they are highlighted along with their keeks. Even your replies to the keeks are as video comments that are called keekbacks. Notify your friends to keeks with a mention of their name as @mention for instance if your are keekback is in reply to Kendall Jenners’ then all you have to do is mention @kendalljenner, yes you can actually interact with your favourite celebs in it and get to witness fun parts of their lives as they upload them in their accounts. Out of the many star keekers, Scott Disick has the best keeks that are real fun to watch. Upload the cool part of your live and make new friends who are equally cool and extend the fun of networking more than you could have thought of.

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