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Finding The Right Wedding Cufflinks

Many men stress about their wedding cufflinks since it seems like such a small detail but can become huge one if you wait until the last minute. Cufflinks have been around for hundreds of years as a fasteners of the sleeves of buttons, meant to be decorative. Today, you will find cufflinks for both men and women in various settings. Finding the perfect set is not as difficult as you may have thought.

Type of Wedding

When choosing wedding cufflinks, it is important to think about the type of wedding you’re having. For instance, a formal wedding will require more formal wear and also cufflinks. If you’re getting married on a beach, obviously, this is a more relaxed venue and the style of the links will be different.

Suit According to Venue

If your wedding is going to be more relaxed, typically, you can wear lighter colored suits. This would mean silver cufflinks would be a good way to go. If the venue is formal, your suit will no doubt be darker, which may make the swirl gold cufflinks a better choice.

You can also choose white cufflinks if your suit and shirt are darker. The style and diameter of the links can be round or square. Moreover, the grooms cuff-links can match the groomsmen, depending on the venue.

Choosing Your Cufflinks Based on Style

One way to pick out your cufflinks for your wedding is to do so based on your individual style. For instance, are you more formal naturally or casual? Perhaps you’re more stylish or the type that likes to wear designer clothes. All of these are a hint for you as to the type of cufflinks you select.

Cufflink Prices

The price of cufflinks vary greatly depending on the material they are made of. Obviously a set of sterling silver will not cost as much as a 14 karat gold set will. So often your choice for the cuff-links comes down to your budget, which everyone knows weddings are not cheap.

If you are looking to save money, try shopping online for your cufflinks. This can save you a lot of money over shopping locally. Of course, you will want to choose your cufflinks as soon as you know the type of wedding and suit you’ll be wearing. This will give the online store plenty of time to ship the set to you and for you to make sure they will work for your big day.

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