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Tips on Buying Running Clothing

Running clothing should be comfortable, easy to run in and suitable for the time of year in question. The following tips can help a first time runner buy the right clothes.

A person who is running in the spring or summertime will want loose fitting shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Cotton running apparel is ideal for hot weather, as is DryFit and Thermax. A hat is always in order when running in the heat of the day, as is sunscreen.

Running in winter is a bit trickier than running in the summer. Many runners make the mistake of bundling up and then getting hot and sweaty while running. This not only makes a run uncomfortable but also causes a person to get chilled once he or she stops running.

Individuals who run in very cold weather should wear a shirt made from DryFit, Thinsulate, Thermax or a similar material. These materials wick sweat away from the body so that a person does not get chilled. A warm polyester or microfleece shirt should be worn over this bottom layer to help a person remain warm. Wearing a windproof jacket on top is a good idea and will help to keep a person warm while he or she runs. Many jackets of this nature are made with a zipper and can easily be unzipped if a person starts warming up as he or she runs.

A runner should also pay attention to his or her extremities. A warm hat, neck gaiter and pair of mittens are very important, as a person loses a great deal of heat from his or her hands, neck and head. Some runners opt for a ski mask, but this is usually not necessary unless it is the dead of winter and extremely cold.

It is not hard to find running apparel for sale at a sports store, supermarket or online retail site like RS4U. A person who is looking for running clothes should make sure the clothing is made from the right material and is a comfortable fit. Comparing prices can also be a good idea, as some retailers offer better deals than others.

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