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Time to Wrap Up Warm

The recent storms that brought gale force winds, rain and cooler temperatures leave me no option but to accept the inevitable, that summer is well and truly over, it is definitely Autumn which can mean only one thing – the great British winter is fast approaching.  Accepting the imminent arrival of winter means sorting out my wardrobe, moving the summer items out and bringing in the long sleeved tops, the warm jumpers, cosy socks and boots that can withstand the autumn rain that comes in every direction.  Very soon the hat, scarf and gloves will be wardrobe staples.


Jackets and Coats – A Very Important Decision

While I’m reasonably happy with my autumn/winter wardrobe there is one staple that I desperately need to update, something quite crucial in the cooling weather – a jacket!  I’m very fussy when it comes to jackets and coats, I don’t mind making a reasonable investment in them, but I like them to look great, protect me from inclement weather and be versatile.  I don’t ask for much!!

A jacket or coat is a serious part of any autumn and winter wardrobe.  For a good part of any given day it is your main representation of how you are presenting yourself to the world.  Maybe it seems like I’m giving too much credit to people actually paying any attention to my choice of jacket or coat, but its more than just the way it looks, its about how it makes me feel, and I’m not alone according to this article from the Guardian.  An okay jacket or coat can make me feel good on my walk to work, the coffee shop or on my way to meet friends for a pub lunch.  But a great jacket can give me so much confidence that I feel amazing!  So you’ll understand why this decision is one that I need to carefully think through.


Loving Leather

This year I’ve been seriously considering a leather jacket, I’d always thought that it would be rather cool, but I kept getting put off by the lack of versatility, thinking that a leather jacket would make every outfit look like I belonged in a motorcycle gang.  But after doing much research I came across this cool little post on the different styles of classic leather jackets.  My eyes have been well and truly opened!  Leather is versatile and much more affordable than I thought.


No one can deny that leather, real good quality leather, feels super luxurious and its soft to the touch, but tough – which is especially good for people like me who, in spite of my best efforts tend to be quite hard on clothes and shoes.  And okay, I’ll admit it – after a couple of hours spent trying on several leather jackets I felt like a rock star, a very chic rock star.  Massive boost to the confidence!


So after much deliberation, consideration and research I have decided that the showpiece for my autumn/winter wardrobe for this year will be a black leather biker style leather jacket that fits like a glove and looks amazing.  My first leather jacket investment!  Thankfully it doesn’t need to be accessorised with a motorcycle!

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