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The Best Resource for Wakeboarding Gear

Having the proper wakeboard and bindings can make all the difference between a good and bad day on the water. These essential pieces of gear are just as important as the boat pulling you behind it, whether you’re just starting out in wakeboarding or have been at it for years. Searching for the best board and bindings to fit you is all about finding the resource with the most trusted brands and design options. Wired Sport provides an assortment of styles, colors and sizes for any wakeboarder.

The wakeboard is the namesake piece of equipment for its sport. Just as the skateboard or snowboard are the centerpieces of their respective sports the wakeboard is what makes things happen on the water. In design it borrows heavily from the more time-tested board sports while making some modifications to adapt to water use. Wakeboards are typically medium in length calling between a skateboard and snowboard in size. There are attachments on the top side for bindings while the edges of the board feature some form or curve or bezel to allow for turns and quicker gliding across the water. Wakeboards also have fins on the underside which allow for more stability and better handling in the water. The best manufacturers and many of those featured on Wired Sport will have removable fins. This allows experienced boarders to sacrifice that in-water stability for better speed and more in-air trick capabilities. The presence of removable and re-adjustable fins is what sets the best boards apart from the others.

A wakeboard is only a piece of a riders gear, however. Wakeboard bindings are also required as they are what straps a riders feet to the board and keeps them from slipping off. Being secured to the board also allows for precise control with relatively little effort. The bindings are all designed about the same regardless of brand. They feature a durable cushioned boot with a latching system on the sole that secures onto the board. The boot will hug the foot and ankle to prevent shifting and will usually have some interior support so nothing rubs and gets irritated. Like the wakeboards themselves the boots are diverse in their designs and colors. Depending on the manufacturer a single brand can feature dozens of patterns, color options and logos. Wired Sport can help any rider put together the best combination of board and bindings for their needs. Click here to see some of the more popular brands producing durable quality products.

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