NATO Watch Strap

nato-watchThe appearance of watch straps has evolved over the years. They’ve gone from the old metal chain bracelets to the woven cloth and leather wrist straps. They offer new portable fastenings that have become the ‘new norm’ of today.

That means shoppers have a broader range of watch straps to choose from with various different materials and watch brands. NATO watch strap, is a very unique one created in 1973 for the British Military, is commonly referred to as a ‘G-10’. You can find them at at very reasonable prices. This heavy strap comes in solid or multi-colored varieties of nylon. You also have the option of purchasing one that is made of a lighter-weight nylon. These can be bought either in premium or classic classes. For those who prefer a more refined or rustic leather for their NATO strap, they’ll find they have a good selection of those as well.

Most NATO strap wearers are wearing the NATO strap to help accessorize a broad range of watches like the Citizen, Rolex, and Patek Philippe brands. They work well together with either a casual watch or luxury watch. This versatility is another reason for their appeal. Their use of different materials only adds to that versatility.

You can find their NATO model watch strap in various leather treatments, some of which include –

Saddle Leather
Distressed Leather
Worn-looking Leather
Vintage Leather

and for a more sportier look there is the RAF NATO strap that comes in bold color combinations as well as more subtle tones (like desert or classic army camouflage). You have the option of purchasing a 1-pc or 2-pc strap.

Classic NATO 1-Piece

This strap features extra length that extends from its buckle side. It’s every bit as simple as its name implies. It laces easily via the lugs on the watch and fastens with a silver or black buckle, as opposed to the 2-piece that has to be attached with a watch pin or standard watch screw.

The 1-piece can be found sporting a very soft and comfortable nylon with a quick-release band. It comes is solid colors, printed colors, or multi-colors. The coloring makes them that much easier to match up with both casual and formal occasions.

Aside from the materials and colors, you also have options regarding the width of the strap. You can match it up to the lug’s width exactly or you can give it a different look by having it a little narrower than the lug. The widths range from between 13mm to 26mm. The concept behind the masculine look of the NATO watch strap is designed to promote an active lifestyle. It personifies this concept in all its designs.


How To Pick Out A Luxury Watch

How To Pick Out A Luxury WatchPicking out a watch is something that you should do very carefully, because watches represent a person’s personality and their sense of style. Of course, you want a watch that can keep time, but luxury watches are about much more. They are high end objects that also say a lot about your status in the world and your personal sense of style. Here are just a few things to consider if you are buying a watch for yourself or someone else.

Check Out the Appearance

There are a lot of luxury watches out there on the market for sale, but chances are you already have a good idea about what you like. The appearance of the watch should complement your own sense of style and personality. It should make you look classy and attractive in a way that you enjoy. Trust your gut when it comes to the first impression you get while browsing watches. If you immediately like a few then you can narrow your list down right away. It works the other way too, if you don’t like a watch right off the bat, then move on. When you are paying a large amount for true luxury you should be happy from start to finish and there will be a top brand name out there that has something you love.

Check Out the Dial Dimensions

Next, you should take a close look at the dial because this is what will be sitting on your wrist. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to the shape of their watch. Most luxury watches made for men are available in round and square shapes. Both have their own personality so it is up to you to choose what fits with you the best. Men tend to like larger dials because they convey power so you may want to look for a larger dial. The extra heavy feel of the metal is also something most men appreciate.

Check Out the Strap

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle when choosing a luxury watch is the strap, is make sure to carefully look at the strap options when choosing a watch. Watch straps come in leather or metal usually although the colours can vary quite a bit. Make sure to think about how bold a statement you want to make when choosing the strap and what you are comfortable wearing. If you are buying a luxury watch as a gift pay attention to the type of accessories the man in your life has to help make the best decision.


The long history of Denim

Washed-Denim-mens-fashionHello friends! You must have a collection of clothing made of denim fabric. Denim is a raw material for making jeans clothing. Genoa people in Italy are the first maker of denim pants. French people as buyer called these pants “Genoa” that was spelled in French pronunciation “Genes”. A few years later, the Englishman called these pants “Jeans”. The fabric is made from cotton and wool or linen mix.

Jeans were originally to be miners clothes, became famous in the 1950s, when was used in the production of Hollywood films and was used by James Dean and Marlon Brando. From the field of music, Elvis Presley helped popularize the use jeans. Beginning of jeans in America was in the 19th century when it was used for domestic purposes, canvas and tent. Levi Strauss was a German immigrant who wanted to develop business canvas tents belonging to his brother. When he had just opened his shop in California in 1853, a customer were coming into the store and said that unfortunately Strauss only sells tents, because pants are a much needed to work in the mines.

Later, Strauss sewn canvas cloth to be used as waist overalls, despite selling homemade pants, he got complaints that the material is too stiff. To meet the wishes of customers, Strauss then imported cloth that was known as Serge de Nimes. The fabric was made of white cotton that had been dyed in blue for the weft. Fabric Serge de Nimes is at the origin of the denim. In the modern era, after the explosion in the 1950s and became a symbol of rebellion, jeans clothes were increasingly becoming mandatory for hippies in the 1970s. In 1980s, jeans began to be ogled by the designers of the period. Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Armani are some designers, who were showing jeans with pastel colors in that period.

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How To Edit Your Photo With Movavi Photo Editor Mac

imagePhoto editors are in rampant use these days and it isn’t easy to find a good one that will work seamlessly on your Mac. Now, you do not have to worry about looking fabulous as Movavi Photo editor for Mac has come out into the market and it is absolutely free! Get this Mac photo editor and start making your photos look the best of the lot. This editor can be used to edit any photo. It can be a scenic view or a portrait. Make the best of your pictures using this edit tool.

Unlike most editors that work on Mac, this one takes up very little space but at the same time, comes power packed with a lot more features than you will ever find in any Mac photo editor. This editor is extremely easy to use and very friendly for even the people who are trying for the first time to edit their images. Transform your images from normal dull images to something that grabs the attention of whoever sees it immediately. There is a lot that you can do with this image editor and here is an account of the things that you can do.

When you take a picture, you may see that there might be certain things that are present in the image that steal the focus from the one thing that you wanted to show off through the picture. The editor comes with a tool that helps you to delete anything that is unwanted in your images. Using the editor you can make a lot clearer picture. You can even sharpen and rotate the image if you want. There are options with which you can cut, crop, flip and also level the image if it is tilted. There is an option where you can add texts to the images if you feel the need to and you can change the font and colour of the text as per your wish.

The editor is so advanced that you can also change the background of the image that you have in case you do not like the existing background. The editor also lets you change the texture of the image as per your wishes. Make the skin tone of your images look as perfect as a pure skin can be. There is nothing that you can’t achieve with this editor if you give it a try.

Tips to enhance your look and appearance

make up productsMost of the women are doing make up for enhancing their appearance and whole look when they go out for attending any occasion or party. For most of the ladies, doing make up is becoming as normal as wearing dresses. Every woman has natural beauty and they should only upgrade their natural beauty without any make up items. Still some women are only concentrating on the look of showing their natural beauty. They are looking very beautiful as compared to ladies with the make up. Such women often cover up their original beauty by applying various fashion make up items on the skin.  Many of them would think that enhancing skin beauty naturally is difficult without applying make up products. Healthy diet with the whole nutrients will provide such desired natural look to them.

Eating nutritious foods is a suitable and an easier way to get natural skin beauty of the ladies. When they are taking foods with rich minerals, vitamins, fiber content, protein, and also antioxidants will improve the appearance of their skin with the natural shine. Some of the women have skin diseases like moles or acne and they want to wear make up to hide such skin marks. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water daily is very helpful for the humans when they wish to get soft and shinier skin. Water is very important element to enhance the appearance and look of the human skin. If the human skin gets higher amount of water, it will be better with the great look. That is why every health and skin specialist is recommending to drink more water and takes highly nutritious foods if the people are affected by the skin problems. If the humans are taking all these items in their daily diet, they no need to doing makeup and get natural look with the great appearance.

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